When we talk about eating alkaline, we are referring to eating foods that help your body function at its best! Food plays a large part in how we feel, which a lot of us may not realize.

Necessary for optimal body function and maintaining health, ideal blood pH is between 7.35 – 7.4 (1). Major organs, namely the heart, depend on an alkaline environment for optimal function (3).

Maintaining a healthy pH offers benefits that you won’t be able to see but will certainly feel. As you incorporate more alkalizing plant foods, don’t be surprised if you feel more energetic and alert! Alkalizing plant foods work with your body and can digest quicker than some acidic, processed options.


What are the benefits of eating alkaline foods?

The Western diet has evolved to depend on more acidic foods for sustenance, forcing the body to now work harder to maintain a healthy pH level. Instead of using energy to fuel brain power and physical activity, pH balance is prioritized, which can result in fatigue, a weakened immune system and a reduction in bone mass over time (2).

Eating alkaline foods allows the body to spend less time maintaining its ideal pH and more time on other important tasks. Organ, immune and digestive functions are made easier, allowing you to feel balanced and energized!


How do I eat alkaline?

Eating alkaline foods is simple since there is a variety when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Dark, leafy greens such as wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, kale and spinach are great options! Most vegetables, including sea vegetables, are alkaline and will support the body in doing its job better.

Increasing your body’s immunity and energy levels is easy and delicious! Fruits, such as pineapples, tangerines, watermelon, pears and cherries are also alkaline and provide exceptional nutrition to support overall health and wellness (4).

Many organizations have created food charts to make choosing alkaline foods easy. Check out alkaline fruits and vegetables that you may have already been eating or options to add into your diet. You’ll also be happy to know that Amazing Grass products contain plenty of alkaline ingredients to support you on your journey to increased health


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