Many of you have already been adopting a plant-based diet or a partial plant-based diet. To the ‘green’ horn new-comer, you may be wondering ‘WHY?’ and ‘I’m sure gonna miss eating pizza for lunch this week!’ Rest assured that you’re taking a great step towards better health! There are some excellent advantages to eating plant-based. You will feel healthier, more energized throughout the day and you’ll have a more beneficial impact on the environment.

Reduced Health Risks

A large study from the University of Oxford reveals that vegetarian diets reduce the risk of hospitalization or death from heart disease by nearly one-third (1)! The same study showed that of the 45,000 participants being tracked over a 10 year period, 34% of them that were vegetarian showed low risk for heart disease as well as lower body mass index, being less likely to suffer from diabetes. Research has indicated that some other benefits of a plant based-diet for your health include a reduced risk of food-borne illness, less severe menopause symptoms, and even longer lifespans than meat-eaters.

Increased Energy

A British Journal of Health Psychology study indicated that a higher intake of produce resulted in higher energy, calmness and greater feelings of happiness not only for the current day, but following into the next day (2). The most recent data shows that 75% of Americans fall short of the minimum recommended five daily servings of produce.

Eco-Friendly Living

Removing animal products from your diet will reduce your eco-footprint. Livestock farming is responsible for almost 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions from human-related activities. According to the Vegetarian Society, by adopting a plant-based diet you are doing your part to help reduce nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide in the environment (3).

As you adopt this diet and continue to put your health first, you will see which foods and diet plans work best for you. It is important to be aware of what you eat and make sure you are getting complete nutrients your body needs. Be sure to read the other Veg-ducational Articles supplied in the V-Tox Challenge to learn more about the nutrients your body needs!


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