Total Workout Time: 20-30 minutes


Warm-up: 3-5 minutes of jumping rope, jumping jacks, jogging, etc. Be sure to stretch and stay hydrated!

Basics : After completing all of the repetitions for each movement, move straight to the next! Take rests as needed, but challenge yourself to finish one full round before taking a 1-2 minute break. Two full rounds completed means you are finished and on your way to that six pack you’ve always wanted!

1 Round:

25 Crunches

25 Bicycle Kicks

     25 Backwards Bicycle Kicks

25 V-Ups

25 Scissor Kicks

25 Flutter Kicks

25 Toe Touches

25 Froggers

1 min Plank

1 min mountain Climbers

Take a 1-2 minute rest as needed and REPEAT!


Looking for even more of a challenge today? Complete 4 full rounds of the exercises above! That’s 100 reps of each!

Have a question on what an exercise is or looks like? Head over to our friends at!

Secret Health & Exercise Challenge: You’ve discovered a Secret Challenge! Here it is:

How did you Challenge yourself? During your workout today did you bump up your workout and repeat the workout 4 times?

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