Chris, what motivated you to start eating vegan?

Being a photographer is definitely not a 9-5 job and requires me to be shooting long hours for multiple days in a row. Diet plays a huge role for me to have the energy and creativity to keep up.

Since you’re always on the road, what tips can you give to others who want to stick to eating vegan when they travel?

I’d say the hardest part is having limited choices while I am traveling abroad and knowing what dishes are vegan. I believe that culture is a very important part of traveling, and some countries it is impossible to stay vegan. In that case I have the local cuisine in which I can get almost always get something vegetarian.

On the road or at home, are there any foods that you miss eating?

Thanksgiving is always the toughest one for me. Just a combination of the amazing smells and good friends you’re with having a great time makes it hard.  With the dawn of Pinterest, finding vegan Thanksgiving ideas has been much easier.

Way to adapt, and good idea for finding creative alternatives online. Do you have a favorite vegan dish?

Homemade spiralized zucchini pasta from my wife is definitely my favorite meal.

That sounds delicious! What’s your favorite Amazing Grass product?

After a long climbing or bodysurf session I love having the chocolate raw reserve protein mix with half almond milk and half water.

Aside from social or ethical reasons, many people are moving towards a vegan lifestyle for health reasons. What tips do you have for someone that wants to adopt a vegan diet?

I think quality food is a huge part of being vegan.  It is easy to be a very unhealthy vegan. I’ve found the easiest way is to shop at your local farmers market buying organic produce and cooking at home with little oils and soy products.  Even if you aren’t 100% vegan I think it is more important to be aware of and acknowledge what you’re eating.

Be more aware, great tip to end on Chris! Thank you. To follow Chris’ adventures, check out his amazing photographs and more on his website. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter for specials, discounts, and more!