Amie, what motivated you to start eating plant-based?

I healed myself from 10 years of chronic illness by eating whole, organic foods and detoxing the junk out of my pantry!

Good for you! I think some of our readers would love to have the same success. Did you find you needed to follow a strict diet?

I’m not 100% vegan, but I eat mostly vegan and I feel so much better eating whole, fresh produce, avocados, nuts and seeds.

As a chef and nutritionist, you must get a ton of questions from friends and clients? What would you say is the most common?

“How do you get enough protein?” But you can use nuts, seeds, quinoa and many other protein packed foods like Amazing Grass protein powders!

That’s great advice. Getting protein from nuts, seeds and grains is key! When you want a treat, what do you eat?

Dark chocolate and almonds.

Yum! With no troubles in the snack department, do you find it difficult to eat in restaurants?

I only eat at organic restaurants, so I usually eat before I go to make sure I’m not hungry. Veggies are always a must!

That’s smart. But how about when you travel? Do you make all your meals before a trip?

Check out my post on how to travel gluten free on my blog. Lots of hummus, avocado, veggies, nuts and seeds!

Cool, thanks for sharing; we will definitely check that out. When you have access to a kitchen, what is your favorite vegan dish to make?Roasted veggies with coconut oil and turmeric!!

That’s a unique combo, sounds great. You certainly know how to create amazing, healthy meals but there has to be some foods you miss indulging in. Not at all. I love creating flavor with fresh, whole ingredients! It’s so much fun.

I heard a rumor that you will munch on our fresh wheat grass pellets when given the chance, is our Wheat Grass powder your favorite Amazing Grass product?

Yes, absolutely!!!

Of course! When working with your clients, what tips do you give for those that want to incorporate vegan meals into their diet or start eating plant-based?

Eat more whole foods. Make a batch of gluten free grains like black rice, quinoa, millet and sorghum on Sundays and use them all week for tacos, wraps, salads and breakfast porridge!

Amie, you are always full of great tips, ideas, and recipes, thank you! To hear more from Amie and try out her favorite recipes, check out her blog,